Bobber the Water Safety Dog™

Picture of Bobber the Water Safety Dog, Water Safety

Created by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Bobber the Water Safety Dog is the number one water safety character for Robotronics. He teaches lessons on Boat Safety, Water safety including Personal flotation device education. Everyone that meets Bobber will find him to be a fun lovable character.


Each year, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for America’s children. Of these, drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4. A comprehensive, water safety program featuring Bobber the Water Safety Dog™ is a great way to make your children safer.


Bobber can be used with great success in many venues, such as classrooms, assemblies, marina visits, mall and store exhibits, state and local fairs, boat shows, parades, and other appropriate activities.


Bobber the Water Safety Dog™ is perfect water dog costume for teaching boating, PFD, and water safety to children, because he can communicate with them on their level. The costume head has great visibility through the eyes, allowing the wearer to move easily in any situation, plus a dual fan cooling system will keep the wearer comfortable.

Bobber the Water Safety Dog™ Costume is available for purchase by Corps of Engineers only. A signed application must be approved by the USACE prior to shipment.

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Bobber's Website, Safety Training


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