Freckles the Fire Dog Super Motors

This spotted Dalmatian dog robot is an ideal mascot and is perfect for teaching in your fire safety program. Freckles can be used very successfully in school classrooms, assemblies, parades, facility tours, mall exhibits, state and local fairs, and any other setting where your organization is represented. He is ideal for public service announcements.

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Fire Helmet Large Freckles

This Option gives your robot a large red, yellow or black fire helmet so it looks ready to jump into the action.


-Robot MP3 Player

The robot Mp3 Player allows you to play Mp3 Music files through your robot. You can play any music you choose that goes along with your presentation. It uses a Removable S.D. Card that you can copy music to from any computer with a Card Reader/Writer. The music is controlled from the Same R.C. That controls the robot.


-Voice Modifier

The voice modifier allows you to change the pitch of your voice so that it sounds more robotic and animated when you speak to your audience. You're robot will come preset with a cartoon sounding voice, but if you don't like the setting you can use the controls to change the pitch to really low or really high!

-Stand-up Transport Cart

This Transport cart will help move your robot with ease.


12V 33AH Robot Battery Innergy Connector (Current)

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-Character Robot Cover (included in Package)

This canvas cover will protect your robot from dust and sun weathering. Great long-term investment.

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