The Big Race! Adventure DVD


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Rainbow Valley Fire Department animated series will take you on a special journey beyond the clouds to the end of the rainbow where a crew of friendly emergency vehicles live, play, and go on rescue adventures helping those in needs.

Too Many Donuts: Speedy is awarded a dozen donuts for rescuing the town baker after a dangerous fall. When the crew asks her to share, Speedy refuses and eats all the donuts by herself. Unfortunately, when the crew is called to an emergency, Speedy is too sick to help out. Speedy learns that sharing with your friends shows that you care about them!

The Big Race!: When Hank announces the upcoming obstacle course race, Presto is determined to win first prize at all costs-even if it means cheating. Presto learns that winning isn't everything; that playing fair and doing your best are!

The Mystery of the Lost Book: When Speedy can't find her library book, she is convinced that one of the crew took it. When Lt. Lonnie is called in from the police department to help solve the mystery, he discovers the book right where Speedy left it. Speedy learns that it is important to care for your things by putting them back where they belong so next time you'll know where to find them!

Running time approximately 30 minutes.



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