Speedy Gets Rescued!


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Rainbow Valley Fire Department animated series will take you on a special journey beyond the clouds to the end of the rainbow where a crew of friendly emergency vehicles live, play, and go on rescue adventures helping those in needs.

Welcome Home Luna: When the crew convinces Rusty and Pam to let them have a puppy, they learn a lesson in responsibility when they're called away to an emergency and leave the mischievous puppy along at the firehouse.

Speedy Gets Rescued!: When Speedy-the-Ambulance thinks that only fire trucks can win first prize on Inspection Day, she runs away and gets caught in a storm. The crew rescues her but it's Speedy who ultimately has to save the day!

The Black Forest: When Rusty arrives to find Farmer Cornfield's barn ablaze, he doesn't have enough hose to reach the fire. Gusher must overcome his fear and drive through the "Black Forest" in order to get water to Rusty in time to put out the fire.

Running time approximately 30 minutes.



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