Pluggie the Fireplug Deluxe Package

Pluggie the Fireplug is Robotronics first robot and is still very popular with kids today. Pluggie is an exciting tool for teaching fire safety. Audiences of all venues will be delighted when Pluggie's eyes light up, his cap rises and he moves around the room carrying on conversations and playing music, all by remote control. Pluggie can be used with great success in school classrooms, assemblies, station tours, mall exhibits, state and local fares, and any other setting where your safety message is presented.

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Product Options

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-Pluggie Water Squirter

The Water Squirter option allows your robot to spray a stream of water at the audience, instantly drawing attention to you and your message!


-Voice Modifier

The voice modifier allows you to change the pitch of your voice so that it sounds more robotic and animated when you speak to your audience. You're robot will come preset with a cartoon sounding voice, but if you don't like the setting you can use the controls to change the pitch to really low or really high!


-Optional Robot Custom Paint

Custom Paint: Robotronics will custom paint your robot to match your existing vehicle. Paint codes are always welcomed with a picture of what your vehicle looks like. Call our sales department for a quote for both the Paint.

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