Instructions For Shipping A Robot


Robot Shipping Instructions

  1. Fill out the robot return form. Please place the information letter inside the carrying case. It is a good idea to print multiple copies (one in the carrying case and one in the box or crate) as paperwork sometimes gets lost in shipping. In the letter include the following:
    • Specific problems that you have experienced.
    • Any Batteries, chargers, robot covers or other accessories that you would like to purchase.
    • Please list items that you have kept in your possession.
    • Name and phone number of person we should call with questions or approval during the repair.
    • Return Shipping Address
    • Billing Address (Specify if same as ship to)
  2. What should be sent back with the robot?
    • Everything that you would like checked out should be sent. You do not need to send the large batteries that go in the robot. If youneed new batteries, let us know in your letter. Charge all of the batteries including the RC batteries before sending the robot.
  3. What carrier should I use?
    • For the vehicle robot, a freight company such as Roadway, Yellow, or Eagle should be used. If you ship the upper and lower portions of the robot separate, you can sometimes use UPS or FEDEX. Make sure that you pack it tight so that nothing can bounce around. Leave enough space above the robot so that if something is stacked on top, the top of the robot will be safe.
  4. How much should I expect to pay for freight?
    • This varies quite a bit depending on the carrier and the weight. For vehicles and standup robots it's about $150.00 each way and for Pluggie, about $100.00 each way. It's always good to shop around for the best rate. Make sure that the freight company serves your city direct because this effects the freight charges.
  5. Arranging the Pickup
    • Call the nearest terminal for the pickup. To find their phone number look in the Yellow Pages under Freight or Trucking-MotorFreight.
  6. *VERY IMPORTANT* What is the robot's class with the Freight company?
    • This information goes on the freight bill. List the weight as accurately as possible.

      Mechanical Device Item #61558 Class 92.5
  7. What should I insure the shipment for?
    • To cover yourself for the possibility of total loss, you should insure for the current replacement value of the shipment. Find the current price in the current product catalog. If you are not sure of the value, call the Robotronics' service department or go to view the product detail on this website. With most freight companies, they specific class of the shipment carries with it a certain amount of insurance in case of loss or damage. This is usually a certain amount of coverage per pound. Ask the freight company for more details on this. If you want 100% coverage, you may have to pay extra for this. If you use UPS, make sure that you insure wit as well.

  8. Finding a Container

    Option 1: You can find a box, double wall, allowing for 4-6 inches of cushion all around the robot or parts.

    Option 2: You could have a packaging store put it in a box and ship it.

    Option 3: You could have a crate made to ship it in. (One big advantage of using a crate is that we will use it for the return trip.)

    Whether you use a cardboard box or a crate make sure that it has enough room to put 4-6 inches or more of cushion all around and have the robot tight in the package. If the container cannot safely be used for the return trip, we will need to ship it in new boxes. This costs from 30.00 to 75.00 for the boxes and packing material, depending on the type of robot; so it makes it worth using good containers.

    Remove the robot battery

    You can keep the robot batteries and not ship them. Keep them charged up. CAUTION: If the robot battery is left in the robot, it can bounce around during shipment and break anything it comes in contact with, especially the robot body. If it is a wet cell battery instead of a sealed non-spillable type, it can spill battery acid on the robot.

    Put the robot in a plastic bag!

    This will protect the body and keep any loose fill from getting all inside the robot. If you do not put the robot in a plastic bag, you may be charged a small unpacking fee. It can take a very long time to get all of the peanuts out of the robot. PLEASE, just put a bag (or something) around your robot.

    Loose Fill

    If you use popcorn loose fill for cushion, it's more effective if it is put in plastic bags and the bags put around the robot so that it doesn't just shake down and shift around.

    Ship the Controls in the Padded Case

    Ship the radio control, voice and accessories in the carrying case, if you have one. This is the padded case that came with the robot. This is especially important to protect the fragile joysticks of the radio control. If you do not have a carrying case, put cushion around the joysticks (such as Styrofoam) and then wrap the entire radio control in cushioning material (such as bubble wrap).

    Markings on the Box

    Put THIS SIDE UP signs with arrows on all sides of the boxes. (UPS or FedEx do not necessarily comply with these designations, so pack it well enough so that the package can be positioned upside down or on its side.)

    Put the Robot in a Plastic Bag

    If you noticed that this was listed above, you are very observant. Now please be very obedient and follow these instructions. For some reason, people don't seem to do this a lot. Most big garbage bags will work for this (you will need to use more than one). If you don't want to put your robot in a plastic bag, then at least put the loose fill in a plastic bag. If this is not done, fill will get in all of the small places of the robot. This means it will take us time to get the fill out. This means the labor cost will be higher for you.

    Special Notes for Pluggie

    If the cap is sent, the molded nut on the top of it must be cushioned to protect from damage. Pressure on this nut during shipping could push it in. The arms (plugs) should be cushioned to prevent the arm seams from splitting.

    Include Information Letter

    If you are to send your robot back for overhaul, you must include the return form. Please put this form inside the carrying case. It is advisable that you print multiple copies in case a copy gets lost in shipping. You may also wish to print a copy for yourself. This lform will provide us with information necessary to make a speedy repair and send your robot back to you. Failure to include this form will result in delayed repairs.

    For more information about packaging the robot, contact a packaging store or contact our service and repair department.


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