Robot Storage


When storing your robot for any length of time.

  1. Charge the robot battery. (Storing the battery for any length of time without being fully charged will permanently damage the battery.)
  2. Charge the RC battery as per instructions.
  3. Remove batteries from operator’s transmitter and receiver.
  4. The RC Transmitter and voice pieces should always be stored in the carrying case; this will extend the life and help insure proper operation.
  5. Inspect robot for loose bolts or any additional maintenance that may need to be done.
  6. Clean the body and top as per instructions in maintenance section. (If robot is stored with a dirty body it may be harder to clean at a later date, as stains may become permanent.)
  7. Storing your robot with a dust cover on it will keep the robot clean and protect the body from scratches. It will also keep ultra-violet light from affecting the ABS plastic body.
  8. The robot and batteries should be stored in a dry place between 55-75 degrees F. Storing the robot in a safe place will prevent scratches and extend the life.
  9. After storing the robot for any length of time always test the robot well in advance of any scheduled activity as it is impossible to anticipate problems. This will ensure time to correct the problem.

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