Robot Painting Instructions


Painting of the Body

The following information is only suggestions of painting methods. Contact a professional for assistance.

Preparing the surface

The robot body is an ABS plastic and should be cleaned before painting to remove oils and dirt. This is especially true if the surface has had a silicone-based product such as Armor-All put on it. Clean the plastic with a plastic cleaner designed to clean before painting. Use a 600–grit sandpaper to smooth the scratches before painting. You can use a body filler, like Bondo to fill the scratches then sand them out again after it’s dry. You may also rough up the surface with 600–grit sandpaper or a Scotch-Brite 7448 pad for better adhesion. This is not a required step.

Painting the surface

Method 1

Enamel spray paints such as Krylon Interior/Exterior enamel do adhere to the body. This method can be touched up easily if the paint ever gets scratched. This is typically a method for painting trim, bumpers, gauge plates etc. Carefully cover parts that are not to be painted with masking tape and paper, to protect against over spray. Use a very narrow masking tape to tape the line and then much larger tape beyond that.

Method 2

Note: If you use method 2, you should contact a professional painter that has had experience painting on various types of surfaces. These are automotive type paints and typically include a primer and base coat. For a glossy look you can use a glossy base coat or a clear coat.

Brand Dupont
Primer Acrylic Urethane Flexible Primer Surfacer. Use a Dupont Primer.
Paint Acrylic Enamel. Dupont ChromaBase Basecoat. ChromaBase requires a clear coat for a glossy look. Dupont also has some single stage paints where a clear coat is not required.

Brand PPG
Primer Check with painter.             
Paint Deltron DBU

Brand Sikkens
Primer Plastoflex primer by Sikkens
Paint Autocryl by Sikkens (two-part acrylic urethane enamel)

For future reference, keep the information on file about who painted the robot and ask them for the paint brand and mix information. This will help you to get touch up paint and a new paint job when needed.

The information listed includes suggestions and general information. This material is designed for application only by trained professional painters, using proper equipment.

If you have any questions, call our service department at 801-489-4466


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