Overhaul Information


Robot Overhaul Information

  1. Adjust, test and repair the radio control system.
  2. Adjust the drive centering adjustments. Test, adjust and repair any component in the drive system with the exception of rebuilding a drive motor or motor control. Components include the drive motors, motor control circuit, speed controllers, drive wheel including wheel pulley, drive motor pulley, and replacing the drive belts if needed. Note: If repair of a drive component is not possible, replacement may be necessary.
  3. Cleaning and repair of the robot body and frame. Cleaning of the fur on furry characters. In some cases the fur has to be replaced.
  4. Adjust, test and repair the voice system.
  5. Tune and repair the switching functions. This includes tape player, siren, water squirter, body lights, flashing lights and various other lights.
  6. Adjust, test and repair the eye movement mechanism.
  7. Clean the cassette player heads and roller.
  8. Check all fasteners for tightness and condition. Replace as needed. Loctite all set screws(Motor pulleys on all robots, cap cam on Pluggie, head tipping, head turning and arm set screws on standup robots).
  9. Check all connectors and wiring for condition. Replace or repair as needed.
  10. Determine if any upgrades are needed. Such as the new Deluxe Voice System. If you want to upgrade the voice system, let us know.
  11. Test the batteries and chargers. We will advise you if new batteries are needed.
  12. Thorough 30 minute final test of all functions.

In addition to the overhaul repairs, repair costs include parts for your robot. If the parts for your robot are in good condition, little if anything will have to be replaced.


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