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Robot Options
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Buster and Barney School Bus Options

Robot Options

Water SquirterThe squirter will squirt a light stream of liquid up to 20 feet from the robot. Children will have more fun then you can imagine. Comes with a filler bottle that holds 16 ounces, for easy filling. An excellent tool for teaching clean water issuesWater Squiater
MP3 PlayerThe integrated MP3 Player allows the operator to play a variety of included sound effects and preprogrammed music and narratives, and is activated through the remote control radio. This is a great option for making your programs much more fun and effective!MP3 Player
Voice ModifierAllows robot operators to disguise their voice by shifting the voice frequency up as much as one octave to produce a “cartoon character-like” voice for the robotVoice Modifier
Color/PaintYou may easily paint bumpers and trim as desired.Rainbow of Colors

Buster and Barney Options
(School Buses)

Stop Arm Assembly (Stop Sign)This authentic working Stop Arm extends and flashes when the operator activates the red flashing lights on the busStop Arm Option
Crossing Arm Assembly (Directly in front of Robot)The crossing arm extends in front by remote control, instructing children on the importance of being seen by the bus driverCrossing Arm Option

Costume Options

ItemDescriptionImageProduct Description
“Kool” Down VestThis cold vest makes your costumes wearable in any weather. It includes 10 ice mat inserts. The shoulder and body straps adjust to fit size requirements. It is long lasting and can be used up to 2 hours with out re-freezing. Hand washable, non-toxic, and portable, it stays frozen up to 24 hours in an insulated container. A safe and water free way to cool down from heat stressKool Down VestProduct Dimensions: 10" x 12" x 10" Weight: 5 pounds. Item Number: 451002
Kold KollarThis wrap-around Kold Kollar provides quick, inexpensive relief from the effects of heat without water messKold KollarProduct Dimensions: 10" x 12" x 10" Weight: 5 pounds. Item Number: 451004
“Kool” Down KitThis kit includes everything you'll need in one convenient package. Includes “Kool” Down Vest with Inserts, Kold Kollar, Insulated Bag, and 10 Extra Inserts.Kool Down KitProduct Dimensions: 10" x 18" x 10" Weight: 16 pounds. Item Number: 451001
Wave SystemWave System
Costume Head FansCostume Head Fan

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