The kids’ faces just light up; they love to see [Buster]. It shows kids how to be safe around the school bus.
- Judy Clark, Bus Driver

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Robotronics is the world leader in safety education products, targeted especially towards children 14-years old and younger. With over 6,000 interactive robotic characters, and thousands of costumes, puppet programs, and educational materials in use around the world, no other private organization has a greater commitment to promoting safety awareness and injury prevention for children.

Crime Prevention, See our GSA Listed products on

GSA Schedule Contract #GS-02F-0136 T

Schedule 69 - Training Aids & Devices, Printed Educational Materials
Including Special Item Numbers:
(SIN) - 27 100; 27 200; 27 300; 27 400; 27 500; 26 600

See our GSA Listed products on

Crime Prevention

Order Free Catalog, Injury Prevention ORDER A FREE CATALOG!

Inside this catalog you will find ideas and solutions for fonts Fire Safety and Prevention, Crime Prevention, Injury Prevention Bus and Transit Safety, Boat and Water Safety, and Recycling education. Our goal is to provide the most effective items for your presentation.

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