Smoke Alarm Puppet


The Smoke Alarm puppet is great to teach kids about smoke detectors and fire safety. Shaped to look like a smoke detector, this puppet can help children learn about smoke detectors, fire safety, and how to escape during a fire. His message to check your smoke detector is an important one. His friendly manner with children communicating about smoke alarm / detector maintenance helps them retain your message.

Educational Materials

We have produced an entire line of available materials that will keep your safety message in the minds of the children long after they leave your program. Coloring Books, Bookmarks, Badges, Litterbags, and more all feature your safety message.

Litter Bags
Coloring Book
Book Covers
Trick or Treat Bag
Bumper Sticker
Audio CD

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Puppet Details

Smoke Safety Alarm Puppet

• Product Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 12"
• Weight: 2 pounds
• Item Number:420100
• Price.....................$96.00

Puppet Care and Cleaning Instructions

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