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Pluggie the Fireplug™ is Robotronics first robot and is still very popular with kids today. Pluggie is an exciting tool for teaching fire safety. Audiences of all venues will be delighted when Pluggie's eyes light up, his cap rises and he moves around the room carrying on conversations and playing music, all by remote control.

Pluggie can be used with great success in school classrooms, assemblies, station tours, mall exhibits, state and local fares, and any other setting where your safety message is presented.

Pluggie is just the right size for teaching small children, because he can communicate with them on their level. This fire prevention robot is agile enough to maneuver easily on classrooms and other restricted areas and can help you teach stop drop and roll. Pluggie will make your fire and life safety programs more fun and effective.

Sole Source Documentation

Download Sole Source nowTo download the sole source documentation for Pluggie click on the icon to the left. You will need to have Adobe Reader in order to view the PDF.

Educational Materials

We have produced an entire line of available materials that will keep your safety message in the minds of the children long after they leave your program. Coloring Books, Bookmarks, Badges, Litterbags, and more all feature your safety message.

Litter Bags
Coloring Book
Book Covers
Trick or Treat Bag
Bumper Sticker
Audio CD

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Robot Details

Pluggie™ Robot

• Product Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 36"
• Weight: 80 pounds
• Shipping and handling charges are $350.00 within the contiguous United States.

Pluggie the Fireplug™ Deluxe Package
Includes Robot, Super RC Battery Pack, Super RC Battery Charger, Robot Transport Cart, Robot Cover, and Extra Robot Battery. Savings over items purchased separately.
• Item Number: 100013
• Price.....................$5,845.00

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Pluggie the Fireplug™ Deluxe
Comes with all the features listed and everything you need to make him operate.
• Item Number: 100012
• Price.....................$5,545.00

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Available Robot Options

ItemImagePricePart Number
Water SquirterWater Squirter $275.00 580027
Voice ModifierVoice Modifier$284.00 580061

Whats Included in a Package

ItemImagePricePart Number
Extra R.C. BatteryExtra R.C. Battery $71.00 580064
Extra Pluggie BatteryExtra Pluggie Battery $84.00 580084
Transport CartPluggie Transport Cart$155.00 580012
Robot CoverRobot Cover$76.00 580016-580022

Manuals Page
Robot Care and Cleaning Instructions

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