Fire Safety and Prevention Education


Robotronics characters have helped children to know what to do in an emergency and how to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We provide a positive medium for teaching and have the best educational supplemental products around. Our goal is to help bring fire safety and prevention to the memory of children and adults everywhere.

Children aged 14 and under account for 14% to 17% of fire deaths. 53% of all arson fires are started by children under 18. The bedroom is the area of the home where most juvenile-set fires originate, and matches are the most prevalent ignition sources.

Robotronics makes it fun to learn about fire safety. Our product line is designed to help you to reach any audience with a positive message. People are instantly drawn to our robot and costume characters and find it a pleasant experience to interact with them. Children and adults find it easier to communicate with our characters than traditional instructors.

Sparky the fire dog is the national leader in fire safety education. We offer Sparky robots, costumes and puppets for your fire prevention program. Smokey Bear is a long time favorite that we currently offer as a robot. Freddie the Firetruck is a Robotronics original robot for teaching fire safety. Patches and Pumper allows fire education to be customized to your organizational needs. Pluggie the Fireplug is our first fire safety product and still a crowd favorite. Freckles the Fire Dog is a stand up robot useful for community fire safety programs.

With all of his music and fire safety coloring books Buzz E Smoke Alarm is a great way to learn fire safety. Our Dalmatian costume works with your own turnout gear or as a full costume. Match Puppet is great for teaching fire prevention to children so they know not to play with matches. The Smoke Detective puppet helps kids learn from your fire safety education program. And Smoke Alarm puppet is excellent for teaching residential fire alarm safety.

Fire Prevention

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