Educational Materials


We have produced an entire line of materials that will keep your safety message in the minds of the children long after they leave your program. Robotronics has available a full line of custom educational materials to support any character you purchase.

Our materials can be fully customized. Coloring Books, Bookmarks, Badges, Litterbags, and more all featuring your safety message.

Robotronics is a licensee for many popular characters like McGruff the Crime Dog, Sparky the Fire Dog, and Doggy the Wet dog.

Helping children to learn how to be safe is rewarding. Robotronics can help you be more effective in your teaching efforts. The character can focus the child’s attention and improve their retention of your lessons, thereby saving lives.

Robotronics makes learning about safety fun.

Robotronics line of safety and prevention products are complimented by the following types of educational materials. Litter Bags come in a variety of colors and themes. Certificates showing completion of your program are available in various sizes. Both large and small Stickers can be custom designed for your needs. Bookmarks for a variety of purposes can be made. We have Coloring Books on any subject from water safety, to fire and crime prevention, and have Crayons in small boxes with your message on the side.

Pencils labeled with your message can be made in many colors. Book Covers compliment your message and are handy in many school situations. Trick or Treat Bag are larger bags in several colors. Bumper Sticker can be customized to the message of your organization and needs. Audio CDand Video DVDs are available for several of our product lines.


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