Custom Robot & Costume Characters


Robotronics has a full line of custom educational materials to support any character you purchase.

Robotronics is a licensee for many popular characters like McGruff the Crime Dog, Sparky the Fire Dog, and Doggy the Wet dog.

Helping children to learn how to be safe is rewarding. Robotronics can help you be more effective in your teaching efforts. The character can focus the child’s attention and improve their retention of your lessons, thereby saving lives.

Robotronics makes learning about safety fun.

Robotronics can create and custom design any robot or costume to fit the public relations needs of your organization. We can provide safety education materials tailoed specifically to your organization. Our company experts can manufacture custom costume characters for any training purpose you might have.

Robotronics can create a Custom Robot for your organization to meet your design specifications. People Puppets come in full and half size versions are ideal for teaching children in limited spaces. The Robotronics Puppet Stage is designed to be used with any of our puppets.

Any of our Educational Materials can be customized for your organization.


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