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Scruff® joins his uncle, McGruff the Crime Dog® as part of the nation-wide ‘Take a Bite out of Crime’ campaign. For 11 years, Scruff has been a part of the National Crime Prevention Council’s campaign against crime. With millions of dollars of PSAs in billboards, radio and television, Scruff is known to most children throughout the country. Now Scruff will be able to make live appearances with his uncle McGruff to help teach children about safety and crime prevention. The Scruff costume is designed to be worn by someone around 5’4” to enhance the childlike image. Scruff will greatly increase the effectiveness of the Take a Bite Out Of Crime campaign!

Scruff the Crime Dog


The Scruff® Costume can be used in a variety of settings with great success; in school classrooms, mall exhibits, station tours, state and local fairs, or to present crime prevention awards. Let Scruff® help you present your crime prevention messages.


The Scruff® costume features many functions that will greatly increase the versatility of your presentation. Each costume is quality inspected and built to the highest standards.

NOTE: The Scruff costume must always appear with the McGruff costume. You will not be able to purchase a Scruff costume unless you have a McGruff costume or are willing to purchase one. For more information about general guidelines for using Scruff click on the link and read pages 13 and 14 of the document.

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Click here if you would like to visit Scruff & McGruff's website
McGruff's Website

Sole Source Documentation

Download Sole Source nowTo download the sole source documentation for McGruff and Scruff click on the icon to the left. You will need to have Adobe Reader in order to view the PDF.


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