Eddie Eagle® (NRA)

Picture of Eddie the Eagle costume

The Eddie Eagle® gun safety program is one of the most effective and widely used for children in America. He will make an excellent addition to your crime prevention program. The Eddie Eagle gun safety program instills the important values of leadership, discipline and personal responsibility that will help children throughout their lives. Eddie Eagle says: "If you see a gun: Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult. "

More than 23 million children across the United States have learned how to avoid gun accidents through the award-winning Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program since 1988. Eddie Eagle is a quality, comprehensive accident-prevention program for preschool through grade 6. Brought to you by America’s leader in gun safety training for over 125 years, The National Rifle Association, Eddie Eagle is perfect for all types of appearances.

The costume includes a cooling mechanism and is attractive, durable, and comfortable for the wearer. Visibility has also been greatly improved. Add excitement to your presentations and assemblies; let Eddie Eagle help you present his life-saving message to children everywhere!

Eddie Eagle

In Eddie Eagle's target age group, the annual number of fatal gun accidents has dropped over 80 percent since the program's nationwide launch. Gun accident prevention programs such as Eddie Eagle are a significant factor in that decline.

The Eddie Eagle safety mascot is available for purchase by law enforcement agencies only. A signed application must be approved by the NRA prior to shipment.

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