Gusher's Big Break


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Rainbow Valley Fire Department animated series will take you on a special journey beyond the clouds to the end of the rainbow where a crew of friendly emergency vehicles live, play, and go on rescue adventures helping those in needs.

Presto's New Kite: Presto wins a brand new kite but refuses to share it with the crew fearing it might get broken. When Speedy ignores Presto's wishes and tries to fly the kite, it crashes and breaks. Presto discovers his broken kite and vows never to forgive again. In the end, Presto learns that no matter what, it's always important to forgive.

The Birthday Surprise!: Today is Pam's surprise birthday party and everyone at the firehouse is helping out. Rusty instructs Mile-High to pick up the cake from the bakery and come straight home. But on his way there, Mile-High gets distracted and arrives late to the bakery and finds it closed! Mile-High learns that when you're asked to do a job, it's important to follow directions.

Gusher's Big Break!: When Gusher gets hurt playing soccer, he decides not to tell anyone for fear of going to the doctor. When the crew is called to an emergency, Gusher's injury prevents him from performing his job which endangers his friends. Gusher learns that when you feel sick, it is important to tell an adult immediately because the longer you wait the worse it can get.

Running time approximately 30 minutes.



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